As the sun set on the Ghana of the 1990s and early 2000s, it cast long shadows of figures larger than life. The newscasters of my youth, with voices deep and commanding, didn’t just report events; they were the pulse of a nation brimming with pride. Abedi Pele’s graceful command of the football, Kofi Annan’s […]

As I write this article, I am embarking on a journey of understanding a concept that struck a chord within me – racial capitalism. The term, new to my lexicon, sparked a sense of discontent and an insatiable curiosity. It’s an exploration into how racial dynamics intertwine with capitalist systems, and it’s not just an […]

The recent by-election in Asin North was a revealing spectacle, casting a harsh light on the murky world of Ghanaian politics. It had all the elements of a political drama – vote-buying, political maneuvering, and politicians shamelessly pandering to the electorate. Out of nowhere, development projects sprang up in the region, as though the government […]

Step into a world of ancient tradition and cultural heritage as we embark on a journey through the mystical realm of Ghanaian naming. Discover the unique Akan naming system, steeped in historical significance, philosophical depth, and theoretical rigor. Explore the interplay between the age-old traditions and the impact of modern Western and Arabic names, as […]

The history of Christianity in Africa is complex and varied, with the religion having been brought to the continent by European colonizers and later spreading through various means, including missionary work and independent movements. In Ghana and other parts of Africa, the church has played a significant role in shaping society and culture, both positively […]

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